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APW Advanced Link By Category-Minimal APW Category function mbr_jump_url obj destination...

APW Advanced Link (By Category)-Minimal APW Category function mbr_jump_url (obj) { destination = obj.options[obj.selectedIndex].value; if (destination) location.href = destination; } function mbr_submit_url (value) { location.href = value; }   Buy Brand Name Replacement & Performance Parts Search by category: Select Brake Discs ($8 OFF) Bumpers ($11 OFF) Cold Air Intakes ($12.50 OFF) Radiators ($8 OFF) Exhaust System ($24 OFF) Fender ($5 OFF) AC Condenser Air Deflectors Air Filters auto air filter K&N high flow stock replacement Air Flow Meter Alternators Bosch Valeo alternator Antennas Auto Body Parts Auto Mirrors Axle Assembly Ball Joints Brake Boosters Brake Calipers Brake Dust Shields Kleen Wheels Brakes & Rotors Brembo Balo ATE EBC AEM Power Slot brakes Bug Shield Bug Shield Car Covers Covercraft car cover Carburetor Cargo Liner Cargo Liner Catalytic Converters direct-fit catalytic converters Clutch Kits ACT Centerforce Exedy Sachs AEM K&N Injen Iceman Volant AFE Airaid BBK APC Control Arms CV Joints & Boots Distributor Caps Door Handle Driveshaft EGR Valves Engine Parts Exhaust & Mufflers Flowmaster Borla Bosal Gibson Ansa Magnaflow Dynomax Pacesetter Fender Flares Fender Flares Floor Mats Highland Husky Floor Mats Weathertech Floor Mats Flywheel Fog Lights Bosch Hella Piaa Xenon Fuel Injectors Fuel Pumps Fuel Tanks Grill Head Gasket Headers Headman JBA Borla Pacesetter Edelbrock Gibson Headlights Auto Headlights Headlight Covers Heater Cores Hub Cap Knock Sensors Master Cylinder Motor Mount Nerf Bars Oil Filter Oxygen Sensors Bosch Oxygen SensorParking Light Performance Chips Hypertech Chip Jet Chips performance chips radiator Repair Manuals Chilton Haynes repair manual Running Boards Running Boards Seat Belt Shocks & Struts Bilstein KYB Edelbrock Tokico Boge Koni Rancho Shocks Spark Plug Wires Bosch Spark Plug Wires NGK Nology MSD Taylor Accel Spark Plug Wires Starters Bosch starter Steering Rack Tail Lights tail light assembly cover bulb Tailgate Thermostat Throttle Body Spacer Tie Rods Timing Belts & Chains Tonneau Covers truck tonneau covers Tornado Fuel Saver Truck Bed Liners truck bed liners Turn Signals Underdrive Pulleys underdrive pulleys Vent Visors Water Pumps Wheel Bearing Wheel Hub Wheels Window Motors Window Switch Powered by Auto Parts Warehouse  

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PT Advanced Link By Engine Part-Minimal Discount Auto Parts | Auto Parts Store Buy Brand Name...

PT Advanced Link (By Engine Part)-Minimal Discount Auto Parts | Auto Parts Store Buy Brand Name Replacement and Performance Parts Search by Engine Part:  Select Air Deflector Air Filter Alternator Antenna Axle Assembly Ball Joint Brake Car Cover Cargo Liner Catalytic Converter Clutch Control Arm CV Joint Distributor EGR Valve Engine Mount Accessory Air Intake Body Electrical Body Mechanical & Trim Body Sheet Metal C.V. Boot Kit Carburetion Climate Control Clutch Disc Clutch Kit Control Arm Bushing Cooling System Crankshaft Seal Cylinder Head Gasket Diesel Injection Distributor Rotor Drive Belts Driveshaft & Axle Engine Electrical Engine Mechanical Exhaust Gasket Fuel Delivery Fuel Filter Fuel Injection Heater Hose Ignition Wire Set Intake Manifold Gasket Main Bearing Set Multi Rib Belt Oil Drain Plug Gasket Oil Filter Oil Pressure Sender Radiator Hose Relay Rod Bearing Set Shock Absorber Spark Plug Steering Strut Assembly Thermostat Tie Rod End Tools and Hardware Transmission V-Belt Valve Cover Gasket Valve Guide Valve Stem Seal Wheel Seal Wiper Blade Exhaust Manifold Exhaust Floor Liner Floor Mat Fuel Injector Fuel Pump Head Gasket Heater Core Intake Manifold Knock Sensor Mud Guard Muffler Oxygen Sensor Radiator Repair Manual Shocks Spark Plug Wire Starter Steering Rack Struts Suspension Tie Rod Timing Belt Water Pump Wheel Bearing Window Motor Window Regulator Powered by Parts Train

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do something about the nasty effects of climate change by making sure your car has a properly...

do something about the nasty effects of climate change by making sure your car has a properly working oxygen sensor. Untitled Document Weird seasons, heat waves, crazy weather – ever wished you could do something about the nasty environmental effects of climate change in your own simple way? Turns out, you can – just by making sure that your vehicle has a properly working oxygen sensor. Most cars manufactured after 1980 have oxygen sensors installed. The sensor not only ensures that a vehicle produces the least amount of emissions; it also helps the engine to run efficiently and properly. New cars won't be able to run without a good oxygen sensor because it is essential to their engines' proper performance. Take, for example, a gasoline-fueled car. It is only possible to burn gasoline in the engine when oxygen is present. Experts have discovered that the perfect air-fuel ratio in a gasoline engine is 14.7:1. Thus, the closer the mixture of oxygen and gasoline in your engine to this ratio, the more efficiently your car runs. When an engine “runs rich,” there is more fuel and less air in the mixture, which could result in the spark plugs failing. On the other hand, when an engine “runs lean,” there is more air and less fuel than ideal, increasing the risk of the car stalling. The oxygen sensor in the exhaust pipe enables the engine computer to determine whether the engine is running rich or lean. The device uses a voltage-generating chemical reaction that signals the computer to correctly adjust the amount of fuel being burnt. The amount of air the engine pulls depends on a lot of factors, such as air and engine temperature, altitude, load, etc. Needless to say, your car will likely perform poorly and produce a huge amount of emissions when its oxygen sensor malfunctions. If your engine always runs rich or lean, its sensor must have already failed. No need to worry though, because you've found the right place to avail of the finest oxygen sensor in the aftermarket today. The best part is, we ship for free! Order now and drive a mean, clean, green machine on the road.

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