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Direct link to sopping cart. Highly recommended title in self help literature Highly recommended in self help literature: Rewire Your Brain: Think Your Way to a Better Life By: Arden, John B. Published By: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Preview >> How to rewire your brain to improve virtually every aspect of your life-based on the latest research in neuroscience and psychology on neuroplasticity and evidence-based practices. Not long ago, it was thought that the brain you were born with was the brain you would die with, and that the brain cells you had at birth were the most you would ever possess. It turns out that's not true. Your brain is not hardwired, it's "softwired" by experience. This book shows you how you can rewire parts of the brain to feel more positive about your life, remain calm during stressful times, and improve your social relationships. You will also learn to improve your memory, boost your mood, have better relationships, and get a good night sleep. $15.95 PDF for Digital Editions ePub for Digital Editions iPhone iPad

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Clarks offer free shipping and free return on all orders placed with USPS Sure post shipping within 48 contiguous states.Use this link to direct your customers to the Clarks homepage. Clarks sells stylish shoes, boots, and sandals for the whole family. Customers get FREE Shipping + FREE Returns on their order. Get Free Shipping and Free Returns on when choosing USPS Sure Post delivery within 48 contiguous states.

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Successful law school personal statements from top law schools Content provided by Put...

Successful law school personal statements from top law schools Content provided by Put Harvard-Educated Editors to Work for You! Law School Statement Samples This section contains two essays: Why Law? Essay Uniqueness Essay Why Law? Essay My interest in the law began with donuts. As a child, I developed early persuasive skills during family disagreements on how to divide boxes of the treats. My parents belonged to the "biggest people deserve the most donuts" school of thought; while as the youngest family member, I was a devout believer in the "one person, one donut" principle. The debates were often cutthroat, but when it came to donut distribution, I sought justice at any cost. As my family grew older and more health-conscious, we stopped eating donuts, and for many years I forgot our childhood debates. However, some recent life decisions have brought to mind those early explorations of justice. When I first arrived at the American International School of Rotterdam, I quickly learned that my colleagues were a diverse and talented group of people. Unsure of how to establish my own place among them, I tried phrases that had always worked to impress college friends. "When I work for the UN . . . ," I told the second-grade teacher, and she answered with an erudite discussion of the problems she faced as a consultant for that organization. I told the kindergarten teacher, "When I'm in law school . . . ," only to hear about his own experiences in law school. By the time I discovered that even many grade-school students were better travelled than I, I learned to keep my mouth shut! Living alone in a new country, removed from familiar personal and cultural clues to my identity and faced with these extraordinary co-workers, I started to feel meaningless. How, I wondered, could I possibly make a difference in a place as vast as our planet? To my own surprise, I found that answer at church. Although I was raised in the Bahá'í Faith, I have only recently understood the essential place that religion plays in my identity. Bahá'í social beliefs include the need to work against extreme poverty, nationalism, and prejudice; and I now realize that I cannot hold those beliefs without doing something about them. My identity rests on these convictions; I cannot see the need for help and just move on. I have to help; it's who I am. The lessons I've learned from my international colleagues have channeled my desire for service into the field of international development. I still wish to fight the "'Biggest Get the Most' Theory of Donut Distribution," but now on an international scale. Uniqueness Essay Once in a while I am approached by past research associates who heard that I "got out," as several of them put it, and who want to know how I handled the switch. Some of them have no idea that people with science backgrounds have options other than research and teaching, and many are discouraged by the thought that they would have to leave their beloved science in other to engage in those activities. Several of them have called me from home to ask these questions, for fear of being overheard at the laboratory. The first thing I tell them is that there is far more to science than the "bench." I myself entered the science field as an undergraduate, when I chose to study veterinary microbial genetics. I worked in the laboratory of Dr. William Sischo, an epidemiologist who specialized in number-crunching but who needed technical assistance with field sampling and laboratory work to generate the data. Dr. Sischo instilled in me a strong desire to learn about and experiment in genetics. I was fascinated by the many ways genetics can be used to help understand how or why certain biological functions occur, and I wondered how I could use my knowledge of genetics to benefit society. After I obtained my bachelor of science degree, I went on to graduate school earning a master of science degree part-time while working full-time jobs in a couple of well-establish research institutions. I enjoyed both graduate school and working in the laboratory. I also learned the "correct" career path-an academic position at a respectable research university-was what we were supposed to want out of life. More specifically, academic laboratories were acceptable, but working in industry, even to do research, was generally looked upon as "selling out." I believe this attitude has relaxed somewhat since then, since grants and jobs have become harder to secure and tenured positions lack the security they once possessed. It was during my graduate studies that I began to question my goals and the assumptions they were based on. I was becoming increasingly unhappy with the direction my career was heading, and I began to question my abilities and motivation. Finally, when I heard myself mutter out loud "I don't want to do bench work forever," I sat up and took notice. I decided that in spite of my training, and even though I still loved science, research was not right for me. I wanted a career, or at least a job for starters, that valued my graduate degree and training, and that was a better fit for my skills and future ambitions. I decided I would do best with a job that was externally driven either by deadlines or by the needs of others; in addition, I wanted to talk, write, andor evaluate science as a whole rather than focus on one particular aspect of a research project. As a molecular geneticist, I had occasionally interacted with the patent department at SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals in support of my supervisor's patent applications. They worked on a variety of intellectual property issues in a number of scientific disciplines that were of interest to the company. I realized then that I could make very good use of my science background as a patent attorney. Earlier this year, I accepted an offer to work as a patent agent in the Corporate Intellectual Properties Department at SmithKline Beecham. The job involves writing and prosecuting patent applications, which in turn requires broad knowledge of both science and law. I soon realized that, in order to become an effective patent practitioner, I must become intimately acquainted with U.S. patent law. Because SmithKline Beecham is an international corporation, I have also learned a great deal about international patent law so that I can assist in foreign prosecution of SmithKline Beecham's patents. When I first started the job, it occurred to me that my learning curve was a cliff with an overhang, and I was at the bottom looking up. I was extremely lucky to find a job almost immediately following graduation last January. However, this opportunity was not trouble-free; there were additional risks to consider at the time I made the decision to change. Our company was in the middle of negotiations to merge with another international pharmaceutical company, GlaxoWellcome Pharmaceuticals. As details of the merger were released, we were informed that the majority of the money saved in the merger was going to be invested back into research and discovery. In other words, because of the patent applications that I draft and prosecute, my job as a patent agent will play an essential role in the inventive process in the new company. Daily interaction with inventors keeps me up-to-date with cutting-edge technology in the biotechnology field. As my work progressed, I knew I had made the right decision, and I have never looked back. In October, I took the complex patent bar examination. My determination to take the examination straight away was derived from my desire to become a registered patent agent before entering law school, so that my academic studies will not suffer while I attempt to balance a career and my education. I am now hoping to complete the career transition over the next four years by attending law school at Villanova University and becoming a patent attorney. A few weeks ago, I was offered the opportunity to move to our new research facility in North Carolina, but declined the offer in hopes of attending Villanova's law program, which is well respected among the various pharmaceutical companies on the East Coast for its intellectual property education. Intellectual property is a crucial asset to our company, and I take generating and protecting these assets very seriously. A considerable part of my job involves "translating" science for attorneys and patent law for scientists. I also have to be able to understand a new result quickly enough to grasp what the specific invention is and ask further questions which allow me to distill the invention down to its bare essence. Organization is also key-this is something I learned as a matter of self-preservation, since this is a deadline-driven, and sometimes crisis-driven, job. I now believe that my job as a patent agent is not a break with the past; rather, it is an exciting, alternative continuation of my career as a scientist. The patent applications that I draft and prosecute make me a critical part of the inventive process at SmithKline Beecham. Furthermore, my interactions with inventors on a daily basis keep me up to date with the latest technology. Not so long ago, when I began research as an undergraduate, I wondered what impact I would have on the development of new scientific knowledge. Through my work as a patent agent, I know that I am a key participant in the promotion of scientific progress. I still run into acquaintances from my research days who ask me why I "left science." I am quick to set them straight. I may not get my hands wet, but I use far more of my education and training than I ever did at the bench, and I am very much still in science. I firmly believe my experiences in science and patent prosecution will allow me to be a creative and contributing member of Villanova University, both as a student and as a future attorney representing achievement. About - offers all users free access to the most extensive Admissions Essay Help Course on the Internet and over 300 Free Sample Admissions Essays accepted by the United States' top undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs. Named "the world's premier application essay editing service" by the New York Times Learning Network and "one of the best essay services on the Internet" by the Washington Post. Put Harvard-Educated Editors To Work For You! Special Discount Coupon Use coupon code CYB7 for $5.00 off's critically acclaimed admissions essay editing services valued at $150 or more. Enter the coupon code on the order form when placing your order.

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APW Advanced Link (By Category)-Minimal APW Category function mbr_jump_url (obj) { destination = obj.options[obj.selectedIndex].value; if (destination) location.href = destination; } function mbr_submit_url (value) { location.href = value; }   Buy Brand Name Replacement & Performance Parts Search by category: Select Brake Discs ($8 OFF) Bumpers ($11 OFF) Cold Air Intakes ($12.50 OFF) Radiators ($8 OFF) Exhaust System ($24 OFF) Fender ($5 OFF) AC Condenser Air Deflectors Air Filters auto air filter K&N high flow stock replacement Air Flow Meter Alternators Bosch Valeo alternator Antennas Auto Body Parts Auto Mirrors Axle Assembly Ball Joints Brake Boosters Brake Calipers Brake Dust Shields Kleen Wheels Brakes & Rotors Brembo Balo ATE EBC AEM Power Slot brakes Bug Shield Bug Shield Car Covers Covercraft car cover Carburetor Cargo Liner Cargo Liner Catalytic Converters direct-fit catalytic converters Clutch Kits ACT Centerforce Exedy Sachs AEM K&N Injen Iceman Volant AFE Airaid BBK APC Control Arms CV Joints & Boots Distributor Caps Door Handle Driveshaft EGR Valves Engine Parts Exhaust & Mufflers Flowmaster Borla Bosal Gibson Ansa Magnaflow Dynomax Pacesetter Fender Flares Fender Flares Floor Mats Highland Husky Floor Mats Weathertech Floor Mats Flywheel Fog Lights Bosch Hella Piaa Xenon Fuel Injectors Fuel Pumps Fuel Tanks Grill Head Gasket Headers Headman JBA Borla Pacesetter Edelbrock Gibson Headlights Auto Headlights Headlight Covers Heater Cores Hub Cap Knock Sensors Master Cylinder Motor Mount Nerf Bars Oil Filter Oxygen Sensors Bosch Oxygen SensorParking Light Performance Chips Hypertech Chip Jet Chips performance chips radiator Repair Manuals Chilton Haynes repair manual Running Boards Running Boards Seat Belt Shocks & Struts Bilstein KYB Edelbrock Tokico Boge Koni Rancho Shocks Spark Plug Wires Bosch Spark Plug Wires NGK Nology MSD Taylor Accel Spark Plug Wires Starters Bosch starter Steering Rack Tail Lights tail light assembly cover bulb Tailgate Thermostat Throttle Body Spacer Tie Rods Timing Belts & Chains Tonneau Covers truck tonneau covers Tornado Fuel Saver Truck Bed Liners truck bed liners Turn Signals Underdrive Pulleys underdrive pulleys Vent Visors Water Pumps Wheel Bearing Wheel Hub Wheels Window Motors Window Switch Powered by Auto Parts Warehouse  

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Widget: Proof of Heaven

Widget: Proof of Heaven   Proof of Heaven Eben Alexander   Buy this at     US$ 15.99   Devices iPhone iPad Android phones & tablets Kindle Fire e-readers with Adobe Digital Editions installed PC Mac A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife Near-death experiences, or NDEs, are controversial. Thousands of people have had them, but many in the scientific community have argued that they are impossible. Dr. Eben Alexander was one of those people. A highly trained neurosurgeon who had operated on thousands of brains in the course of his career, Alexander knew that what people of faith call the “soul” is really a product of brain chemistry. NDEs, he would have been the first to explain, might feel real to the people having them, but in truth they are simply fantasies produced by brains under extreme stress. Then came the day when Dr. Alexander’s own brain was attacked by an extremely rare illness. The part of the brain that controls thought and emotion—and in essence makes us human— shut down completely. For seven days Alexander lay in a hospital bed in a deep coma. Then, as his doctors weighed the possibility of stopping treatment, Alexander’s eyes popped open. He had come back. Alexander’s recovery is by all accounts a medical miracle. But the real miracle of his story lies elsewhere. While his body lay in coma, Alexander journeyed beyond this world and encountered an angelic being who guided him into the deepest realms of super-physical existence. There he met, and spoke with, the Divine source of the universe itself. This story sounds like the wild and wonderful imaginings of a skilled fantasy writer. But it is not fantasy. Before Alexander underwent his journey, he could not reconcile his knowledge of neuroscience with any belief in heaven, God, or the soul. That difficulty with belief created an empty space that no professional triumph could erase. Today he is a doctor who believes that true health can be achieved only when we realize that God and the soul are real and that death is not the end of personal existence but only a transition. This story would be remarkable no matter who it happened to. That it happened to Dr. Alexander makes it revolutionary. No scientist or person of faith will be able to ignore it. Reading it will change your life   Buy This Book Now!  

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